Why are children and teenagers so fascinated about video games like Toy Blast?

“Children love fantastic games especially the games with fantasy landscapes,” says child psychologist. In the video game rarely the rules of the real world are applied, sometimes not even those of physics or morality. There are flowers that spit lava; here you can jump ten meters high or rage with the army in the cities of the opponent.

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Gaming: Plays in a World of Fantasy

A role also plays omnipotent fantasies, it is a magical world, in which children can do everything, even destroy things. As with all games like Toy Blast, success is the only thing that the player can master. Only then he will be rewarded with power, with control and with a good feeling.

And all the games have the same thing in common, whether they are played on the PC alone, over the Internet, or via a console on the TV. It’s about the fun of staying in the game: connect objects in Toy Blast app, defeat a monster, or hit an enemy first and survive. This fascinates not only children, but more and more older people.

According to the 2005 Federal Association for Interactive Entertainment Software, half of all computer gamers are older than 19 years.

The basic principle of the video game is in most cases the competition against the computer or against others. And often players need to use force to win – but this is expressed in many forms, from the foul in virtual football to the head shot in a shooting game.

Not every kind of violence in a game is therefore reprehensible – it has to be differentiated like in a feature film. The role of violence in the respective case and how pictorial it is presented depends on the genre of the game.

In a strategy game, where large armies are mostly directed from the bird’s perspective, the representation of violence is less drastic than in an “ego shooter “. In which the player sees the world over the course of a gun and violence is often celebrated beyond measure.

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Too much is not so good

There is, therefore, no reliable insight into the long-term impact,” says, a communication scientist. “In the first 20 minutes after the playing of a violent video game, however, the world is seen more hostile.”

There are other studies that observe increased aggression during and shortly after the game – these indications are now being pursued more intensively. Currently, however, there is no scientifically proven direct long-term relationship between virtual and real violence.

If violence occurs in the real world, “this is always due to the interaction of various factors,” says a media researcher. “These factors lie primarily in the person, in their social environment and in their real life situation”. Nobody is a murderer, just because he plays. There is, however, a problem: each player selects the game that suits him.

There are a lot of games like Toy Blast that are meant to be safe to play. It is considered by a lot of gaming fans as the best connect object game. If you do not like the games with a lot of violence, you can select these kinds of games filled with fun!