Different Game Modes of Kill shot bravo

Kill Shot Bravo is a first person shooter (FPS) game which is developed for tablets and smartphones. Kill shot bravo apk can be downloaded from App store or Play store, whichever app is supported in the user’s smartphone. This game gives a lot of options to players when it comes to missions. It has over 500 missions for one to complete.

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Game’s Mission

This game’s main mission is to keep the world peaceful by killing enemies. Here the player will be a fully trained special forces operative who goes around the world for missions and killing enemies.

Other than this there are small side missions which can help a player earn more cash which helps one to upgrade his or her weapon, body armour, helmet, etc. In each region, there is a boss stage or level which is the hardest in that particular region which one has to clear. All this creates the game to be irresistible for players.

Player VS Players Mode

Other than the story mode there is a Player vs Player mode (PVP) which lets one player compete against another player online to see who is better. In this mode, one can compete with other high ranking players and earn a lot of cash.

To complete Kill shot bravo missions, earning cash is extremely important in order to upgrade or purchase new weapons which help in different missions.

Alliances Available to Join

In this game, one can join alliances which are powerful and can fight together against the enemies. Players can join other players and assist them to complete various missions. One can even customize his or her character and make it even powerful by adding things like armour, gloves, boots, face masks, etc.

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How to Play this Game?

Playing this game is very easy. First, one needs to download Kill shot bravo in their device. Once installed, a player can open the game and use his or her thumb to play. To aim, one can use the left thumb and shoot using the right thumb. The character can’t be moved, only can be aimed and shoot the enemies.

Headshots get a player extra points. This is all a player has to do. Playing this game is easy but completing missions not so much which makes is more enticing to players.

This game is perfect for people who loves FPS games. Since so many missions and different modes are available which makes it more addicting.