Free games like Toy Blast for your smartphone

Whether on the couch, or at the bus stop, the best way to pass time lays with the Android games that are the best choice. No category is as densely populated in the App Store as they are categorized well, and many top titles are completely free to have just like Toy Blast app.

Because of the vast diversity, it is difficult for a game enthusiast to choose one. Everything that is currently popular and successful, high download rates or new trends sets – in short: all games, which are fun to play, you can find over there.

Toy Blast download

Some extreme games can rule your subconscious

Computer games create interactions that are so intense and complex that film or book can not compete with it. If you are concerned with the virtual worlds, go on a journey that is more exciting than the way Frodo to the destiny mountain.

Anyone who takes a pixel weapon in the hand also attacks the weapon in the real world. Who plays video games, turns into a beast? The supposed experts propagate when they talk about killer games and only reveal that they know nothing about games.

The vast diversity of choices

Without limiting to individual genres, everyone will find their new favorite game. From tricky puzzle games like Toy Blast over the adventurous Enigma in the setting of the Second World War to funny adventure titles such as King of Thieves or the first-rate Beat’em up Shadowfight 2 offer plenty of variety.

Toy Blast app game

An example, Toy Blast app from Peak Games is certainly aimed at the girls. In more than 1000 levels, the task is to connect objects that are matching in color. Toy Blast is free to have in stores. This is how the game Toy Blast works:

There is a little tutorial explaining the game – it is easy to understand and the game principle is clear to everyone anyway. The respective level target is displayed directly before the game start and can also be viewed at any time in the upper left corner. In the first level you have to remove ten blue and two red blocks.

Common thing about most of the games

The games are all free. Often, however, this means that the developers finance themselves through advertising or in-app purchases. This is completely in order, as games can also be enjoyed without paying for it – this is definitely the case with the selection. While in-app purchases often bring playful benefits, they are not essential to reach level goals.