How to make the world more secure in growtopia using a growtopia hack?

When two immensely talented game developers came together, it led to the creation of one of the best sandbox games in today’s time- Growtopia. Developed by Mike Hommel and Seth Robinson of Hamumu Software and Robinson Technologies respectively Growtopia was first released in 2013. With over 15 million accounts in a span of two years, Growtopia stands at a user rating of 4.1/5 in Google Play Store and 4.5/5 for iOS players. As a sandbox game, Growtopia offers full freedom to its players to build, trade, expand and even steal almost anything and everything. These can be done with Gems which is Growtopia’s main currency. In a desire to build more fast players often think that a Growtopia hack might be helpful to them.

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What is Growtopia?

To explain it in the simplest way, Growtopia is an open world game where a player is capable of building and destroying almost anything and everything. Some main features of this game include:-

  • Build:-

Growtopia enables its users to build anything imaginable to a human brain from houses, farms, dungeons, and puzzles. Players can even compose their own songs and make their own artwork.

  • Collaborate:-

Being an online game, Growtopia enables users to interact with one another via a fully developed chat system, trade facilities and even gives players a chance to loot gems and valuables from over 300 million distinct accounts from all over the world. Needless to say, with all valuables stolen, users often search for a Growtopia Gem hack in a hope to find a Growtopia Gem Generator to recover them quickly.

  • Protect:-

With the facilities to steal comes a countermeasure to protect one’s account from burglary. An innovative door and lock serves the purpose and saves a player from going broke.growtopia hack

  • Trade and Explore:-

Being a sandbox game, it offers players privilege to trade items with other players. This helps them to build their item list and grow rich. Moreover, with over 300 million user-created unique worlds, users have a chance to explore an unlimited space of gaming dimension.

How to begin?

New players start off by collecting 50 gems. To tell the truth, Growtopia provides justice to its tagline “Punch. Build. Grow.” Gems collection can be done either by destroying a lot of dirt, caves by punching them. Planting seeds and growing trees is another way to acquire gems and grow a player.

These items then need to be protected by a door and lock features. Otherwise, items can be stolen. All these features take up valuable time and require lots of gems. Therefore, to speed up the process, any Growtopia hack can be used which speed up its gem collection process.

Although an account is fully protected by its innovative air-lock system, some players do find entry into other people’s accounts. As a precaution, public access should be ticked off and the outside door should be placed at a significant distance from the main building. This would prevent players from getting into other people’s accounts. In order to make an account more secure, Growtopia Gem Hack serves a useful purpose.

Few noteworthy terms to remember:-

  • Splicing: –

It is a technique of crafting something in growtopia. To create an item a seed to needs to be planted and another seed needs to be spliced on top of it. If two seeds are spliced together, a success message will be shown. If not, the user will be informed that both of them are not spliced compatible.

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  • Doors: –

This serves as a user’s entry and exit point from his world. A door has an ID, Display label and “is open to public feature.” Moreover, a door needs to be specified its target world where it will take its user to.

  • Locks: –

These are innovative security mechanisms which protect an account from being looted or destroyed by other users. Without locks, an account is vulnerable to all type of invasion and destruction by foreign players.

Why would a player need Growtopia hack gems tool?

Gems are the primary currency of Growtopia. To trade, build or harvest one needs gems. Even protection of an account from theft and robbery is dependent on how strong its lock is. More gems a person has, better his lock will be. A brief insight into the function of gems would make things clearer:-

  • Skip waiting time to unlock chests.
  • Privilege to use better locks, hence more safety.
  • Availability of vital gold which needs almost 5000 gems if not more.

While it sure to be a very fun game, collecting gems can sometimes be a time-consuming process. Mainly keeping in mind the need to grow one’s account as fast as possible, receiving gems take hours, even days sometimes. Therefore for people who want to experience the fun parts without much delay, Growtopia hack would facilitate them attain that goal.

In what ways can a person benefit from a Growtopia hack tool?

Speaking of hack tools, every game addict around the world dreams of attaining that magic wand and that rare item in the game. What comes in their way are time and patience. Playing for hours every day to collect those precious gems consume precious time as well. Using Growtopia Gem hack and growtopia hack iOS things can become a bit easier in the following ways:-

  • Soundtracks are vital. They are Growtopia’s key element in setting a mood. A farm should have a countryside tune while a graveyard should provide a frightening in-game Using a growtopia hack, a user is likely to increase his options of in-game music.
  • Gems are currency. This is Growtopia’s universal truth. Without adequate gems, a person will be devoid of resources, trade options, in game purchases and of course security. Losing all valuables after earning them is surely heartbreaking. Adequate gems means more in game options as well as better safety and security.growtopia hack
  • A character needs customizations. This is a feature growtopia boasts of. With thousands of customization options, one player is least likely to look similar to another player. This is particularly important taking into account that growtopia is an open world multiplayer game. Millions of characters can be distinguished from one another by only looking at them.
  • Helps to save hard earned money. Using hack growtopia, one can climb the ladder in this huge online multiplayer gaming environment. With facilities to recover spent resources in an easy and rapid way growtopia hack does prove to be useful.

Few FAQs to be kept in mind:-

  • How can a player prevent from breaking everything he touches?

Converting a fist to a wrench from the hotbar prevents accidental breaking of item touched. As the wrench is used to alter properties of signs and door, this tool won’t cause any damage.

  • How can a player avail clothes?

Like other items, clothes can be grown. It can also be obtained by buying clothing packs for gems. For unlimited clothing options a player can use growtopia hack to get more gems. This in turn would help him acquire more clothing options.

  • Are there any in-game storage facilities?

At present, no storage facilities have been provided by Robinson Technologies. Though if a player has a secure place in his account, he can drop items and store them. But one needs to be careful as guarantee is not provided against loot and theft unless locked by a secure locking system available in growtopia.

Is security ensured?

Security of one’s account in-game account is guaranteed via a unique lock system developed by Robinson Technologies. But this lock can be improved by combining a dungeon door with a door seed for example. To avail a “dungeon door,” a player would require lots of gems and in turn have to go through long hours of grinding to attain them.

In such situations, precious time can be saved by using growtopia hack no survey. This hack facilitates users to generate gems without fulfilling any survey. He/she is provided with more gems in return. Hence, a better security against burglary and theft is ensured as more gems give way to security systems.

Noteworthy to mention, growtopia offers a very specific in-game security feature known as “Security Camera.” Although being familiar with these two words, how does it work?

“Security Camera” in growtopia is a block of dirt which allows users to have a view of the happenings in the area it has been placed during the period a particular user was offline. It has few distinguishing characteristics:-

  • It cannot be spliced.
  • It never drops seeds.
  • It has special properties which are adjustable with a wrench.
  • Moreover, any attempt to break or damage a camera goes in vain as it is returned to its owner.

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Better known to growtopians as CCTV this camera costs a whopping 10,000 gems. Having possession of such a tool would be of great importance. This can be easily made possible by using growtopia hacks which would facilitate rapid collection of gems. More gems indicate a step nearer to having a personalized in-game CCTV.

Summing Up:-

Growtopia as a game is one of the world’s biggest virtual platforms to play, innovate and turn one’s imagination into a virtual reality. It helps people get relieved of stress as well as keep their creative talent intact. Using any kind of growtopia hack will facilitate career growth and make one’s journey in this virtual world a smoother ride.