Shadow fight 2 hack- Get unlimited gems and gold coins instantly

Shadow Fight, a game developed by Nekki became an instant hit among the users for its robust and entertaining gameplay. The developers followed it up with Shadow Fight 2 which was made available for Android and iOS users. Soon after, Shadow fight 2 hack was released to help gamers.

This game is equipped with a powerful storyline and a smooth, entertaining gameplay making it one of the most downloaded games from Play Store. Progress in this particular game is made through battling and defeating enemies and requires collecting coins to buy weapons necessary for winning battles.

These coins are not easy to come by, and one needs to spend long hours to collect coins at a fast rate. If you do not have time to spare, then you can utilize Shadow fight 2 hack for free and instant coins.

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Storyline of shadow fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 has an engrossing storyline that begins with a monolog from the protagonist named Shadow. The monolog tells the audience about Shadow’s past when he was a mighty and arrogant warrior. But his arrogance led to his downfall as he opened the Gates of Shadows that allowed Demons to enter into this world.

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The demons took away Shadow’s power, his soul and flesh and turned him into a mere ghost of his former self. The gameplay traces Shadow’s return to power as you need to battle out the demons and defeat all of them in order to close the Gates of Shadows again.

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There are different levels which consist of one main demon and his bodyguards. Each level is harder than the previous one and offers great excitement to its players to play. You can use shadow fight 2 level hack to unlock all levels at once. But using shadow fight cheat for unlocking levels takes away the challenge from the game, and thus you should look for only shadow fight 2 hack that offers unlimited gems and money. It will serve to enhance your gameplay experience by reducing its difficulty for you.


One thing that the shadow fight 2 hack won’t save you from is the demons that you need to battle at every level in order to progress to the next chapter. The demons get harder and harder to beat and without shadow fight 2 cheats it would have been an extremely difficult task to beat them considering the slow rate of coin collection that this game offers. Your mission is to fight these demons, collect their seals and help Shadow close the Gates again. Here is brief information regarding the demons.

  • Lynx

Lynx appearance is somewhat similar to a ninja, and he is the leader of assassins. He is equipped with a triple prong claw along with his ability to become invisible and deal heavy damage to opponents; he proves to be tough to beat with the limited skills of Shadow in initial stages.

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  • Hermit

Hermit, as the name suggests is a wise sensei who is disreputable for his mystical abilities. His specialty is to procure advanced magic spells during battles and creates magical thunderstorms with bolts of lightning that strike down opponents.

He carries a medium length sword and is seen to use magic spells during his battle with Shadow. He has a school of training where he teaches his powers and secrets of magic to his power-hungry disciples.All Bosses of shadow fight 2 hacks

  • Butcher

Butcher is a bandit who is known for his violent methods. He incorporated his violence into a group of teenagers and nurtured them into violent warriors. He has huge mass which he uses to his advantage to shake enemies off balance by causing earthquake effects by jumping.  He is equipped with butcher knives with bleed enchantment.

  • Wasp

Wasp got her name from the ability to fly like a wasp during a fight. She is the daughter of Pirate King whom she murdered on the orders of Widow. She carries a Naginata spear that she uses to slash enemies while flying horizontally at tremendous speeds.

  • Widow

Widow is the epitome of beauty and charm which she uses as a deadly weapon to lure men into doing her bidding. But thankfully Shadow is unaffected and immune to her charms and is seen to be able to resist and fight her. This demon carries a pair of fans that acts as weapons in fight. She can teleport behind her enemy and slice them with the fans.shadow fight 2 hacks

  • Shogun

Shogun is the last seal carrying Demon. He is a warlord that rules a vast empire where he rules a large number of enslaved people and torments large nations under him. He is a staunch ruler and likes order and peace on his empire.

  • Titan

The Demon of all Demons, almost every demon expresses his or her fear regarding Titan. He is the ultimate enemy that Shadow must fight before closing the Gates of Shadow for the final time.

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Need for coins by shadow fight 2 hack

The in-game resource for this game is gold coins. Gold coins can be gained by fighting in survival mode and fighting the bosses. The best way of gaining gold coins is fighting tournaments. You can also gain gold coins through shadow fight hack.

So what is the need for these coins? Any in-game purchase has to be made with these coins. In order to fight demons in different levels, you need to constantly improve Shadow’s offense and defense by purchasing weapons, armors, helmets and other body gears. The more number of high priced purchases you make, better the chances of your taking down opponents. But getting coins isn’t easy if you are not using Shadow Fight 2 hack.

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Coin farming involves fighting in tournaments and survival modes in order to gain coins. There is also one off duel every day. But all these provide only a limited number of coins which is no way sufficient to make the big purchases you need. So if you need shadow fight 2 unlimited money without having to toil hard then make use of shadow fight cheats.

Need for gems through shadow fight 2 cheats

Gems are the most precious item in this game. You can use it to do anything like if you are short on coins, you can use it to fill your coins or if a player runs out of energy, then he/she can use gems to replenish energy. Also, upgrades that take long hours to finish can be completed instantly with the help of gems. As usual, this precious item is very rare with an option for in-app purchase. But if you want to hack shadow fight 2 then you should have shadow fight 2 unlimited gems.

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But if you are not willing to use shadow fight 2 hack, then you will find your progress being very slow. You will only gain gems through completing achievements and that too you only gain one for every achievement. You need to save gems and not spend them for completing upgrades faster. Whenever you run out of energy, just increase your time on your smartphone and reboot the game. This will save you some precious gems in case you are not willing to use shadow fight 2 cheat.

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Shadow fight 2 hack tool

If you are looking for cheat shadow fight 2 to make quick in-game progress, this is the tool you need. This hack tool eliminates the need for you to spend your hard earned money to buy resources for a game. It provides you with the access to unlimited number of resources free of cost.

It will provide you unlimited gems that you can use to make quick progress. You can now complete upgrades in a jiffy, buy your weapon of choice and precious body armors that will make Shadow stronger and help him defeat his enemies. With shadow fight 2 hack, you can now unlock a plethora of opportunities that will provide you with an amazing game playing experience without having to worry about in-game resources. Wondering how to use it? Here is a step by step guide

Shadow fight 2 hack tool

  • Find a reliable hack for shadow fight 2. There are lots of hacks available online if you search for them. But not all of them are equally effective. Most of them are scams or will get you banned for using them. Find an authentic shadow fight 2 hack through proper research.
  • Visit their website and find the hack tool.
  • Download the hack tool. Shadow fight 2 hack iOS is now available to the delight of iOS users. Previously the hack tool was only available for Android
  • Install the hack tool if it is a local file. If it is an online file, then just execute it.
  • Enter your login details for Shadow fight 2 and run the tool.
  • Open the game after some time, and you will be amazed to find that your coins and gems count have maxed out.
  • Whenever you require more coins or gems, or you need to cheat shadow fight in another device, just open the hack tool and enter the login details and you are good to go.

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So reap benefits of Shadow fight 2 hack and enhance your gameplay experience of this amazing game.