Summarized info on 8 ball pool app

This globally popular 8 ball pool game is the second most professional game. This game is loved by Americans. Even Britishers love this game; however they call it as solids and stripes, spots and stripes.

Process of the 8 ball pool game:

15 balls are placed on the 8 ball pool table in triangular shape and are played by cue sticks. Out of these 15, 7 are solid colored balls and 7 are colored stripped ball. There is a cue ball too among them.  After the 1st break shot, all solid and stripped balls are scattered.

Players are assigned either of the group of colored balls. The objective of playing this game is to clear all the balls of the opposite player. The protocols for this game are competed by Billiards game.

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About 8 ball pool app:

This game is derived from an old game invented in 1990 in U.S, which was initially popularized under the name of BBC Co Pool.

One player is chose to play by coin flip method. According to world standardization rules, without fouling if all balls are pocketed, it is an automatic win for the player. A player or a team of player would to shoot, till the foul is committed.  The 8th ball can only be sunk if all the players’ ball is objected.

The rules and regulations of the game may vary from country to country. There are lots of crazy fans for this game.

There are many fouls in the game which the player should know accurately about, before playing the game. One of them is, during a shot if the cue ball is struck more than twice than it would be a foul. The played should know all other fouls from sources available.

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What should you check?

Considering the craze of the fans for these games, 8 ball pool player online games along with 8 ball pool App, are also launched by miniclip. This game can be downloaded from Apple And Android app store. This game can be played and downloaded on Facebook too.

Thousand of players are connected to each other online. Just need to connect with them, from the device and start playing them online. Initially some coins are given to the player, once this player starts winning the game he gets the coins of the opposite player which are added in his bank. This game brings the tournament also.  8 ball pool app is getting downloaded in a frequent rate.

There are various associations formed for this game. Few of them are English Pool Association, Scottish pool Association, World Pool billiard Association.