Treat Your Culinary Fetish With Cooking Fever Online

Haven’t you often followed recipes but felt too lazy to prepare it yourself? Now you have an amazing way to virtually fulfill your culinary obsessions with apps like cooking fever online. There’s no need of making that tedious journey to the kitchen, assorting all the ingredients and do the whole of the tiring drill of cooking.

This crazy app will let you do that all on your smart phone. You have the option of cooking pastas to cookies and serving them at bakeries and bars.


Some enticing features to get you glued to cooking fever online-

  • Variety of ingredients-

Best feature of the cooking fever update? You have over 150 ingredients at your disposal! Even whole of your kitchen, pantry and refrigerator taken together can’t match up to this variety.

  • Multiple cuisine options-

The user can cook from over 400 dishes. Can you imagine the fun?! Even the best buffet spreads in town don’t have such luxurious variations in their menu.

Choices are noodles, sushi, wraps, seafood, kebabs, hot dogs, gourmet steaks and all of those lip-smacking delicacies.

  • Cooking on the go-

Cooking fever online allows users to cook on the go. Say you’re bored at office or while traveling and craving for your favorite hobby. Just download, install and start cooking anywhere!

  • You’re an international chef-

In this app, you are not the unrecognized cook of your home. Rather you are a chef at international restaurants and bakeries. The user serves dishes at locations all over the world (virtually).

Cooking Fever online

  • Time management-

While using these apps, users have to cook under the pressure of a thousand customers lined outside. This feature teaches you time management which is extremely important for becoming a successful chef.

  • Personalized kitchen-

Cooking is much more fun and enjoyable when the kitchen is of your choice. The latest Cooking Fever Update lets you choose from hundreds of upgrades for your kitchen interior and appliances.

  • Over 600 levels-

There are over 600 levels to give you impetus at getting better with your culinary skills. You will be assigned tasks at each level. Successful completion of these will upgrade to the next.

And it gets tougher every time. This is definitely a huge motivation to improve your impoverished cooking abilities.

In the Android and IOS user interface, apps like these are gaining immense popularity. So if cooking is your favorite hobby and it de-stresses you, one can surely try these virtual cooking apps like cooking fever online.