Win for sure with Dungeon boss best team

Dungeon Boss is the game for smart and best and the team which you make must be smart enough to tackle the boss and move out of the mess. If you do not have a good team then surviving in the Dungeon in front of the bosses could be trickier and tougher than you think. The right and best information while cannot help you play the game, it can surely help you play it right and efficiently. So, here are some bits that you must know about the game so that you can rightly make the Dungeon boss best team.

Dungeon Boss game

Coins are the main currency within the game (They are called coins)-

Coins are the main currency in the game. Not only are they used to play but also for upgrading the skills of the hero.

Energy is vital (Try to never be low on it)-

If you are low on energy then you are low on life. This energy is regained every 6 minutes and is consumed for entering Dungeons.

Give Gems, get currency-

If you want currency then you have to give them. It is all about giving and taking in the game.

Hammer helps you upgrade-

If you have a hammer then you can easily upgrade your chest and safe. You can get them from Dungeons.

Dungeon boss best team

Every Hero depict a natural element-

In this game, every player needs to collect heroes of various elements. The variety is required for fighting the tough Dungeon bosses. So below are the 5 elements-

  1. a) Fire( Red) b)Water ( Blue), c) Nature ( Green), d) Light( Yellow) and Dark ( Purple).

So as you plan to play the game and you actually want to have the best team play well and engage all the above information. There are also some handy tips that can help-

  1. Remember and accomplish daily quests.
  2. Kill the Evo monster as they appear.
  3. Employ your strongest and highest levelled heroes for your personal dungeon.
  4. Use available Gold to upgrade the most engaged hero only.
  5. Your player level decides the level your heroes can go up to. If you are at level 12 then your hero can reach level 12 only.

Remember all the above details, play well and you will have the Dungeon boss best team for playing. Happy playing and more wins for you as you play the game of Dungeons.